The 500m Fly 

1990 - 2019

The annual feature event is traditionally held in Canberra during March and is the called the Federal Cup.

Sponsorship from the Federal Cartridge company, Wesfire and later Lightforce Australia promoting their Nightforce line of rifle scopes has helped promote the match The special Fly Patch was designed by Herb Valerius and has become one of the unique and sought after trophies. Anyone who hits a fly which is in the centre of the 10 ring gets a fly patch. Other ranges around Australia started getting interested and now hold formal matches often.


They are held at Townsville in North Queensland, Brisbane, QLD, Tamworth NSW, Sydney NSW at two locations, Batemans Bay NSW, Melbourne, VIC, Monarto SA. to name a few of the regulars.

The event has also been shot overseas in Sweden and is held annually in the UK at Diggle. Several targets have been sent to the USA over many years and some clubs may already be shooting it there

Brisbane 300m Patch/Logo

Brisbane 300m Target

All of these clubs develop their own version of the Fly patch which adds to the uniqueness.


There is an annual 'Shooter of the Year' trophy for those that follow the circuit. The 500m Fly Shoot attracts shooters who like to have fun and shoot at long distance. The emphasis is on FUN and rule 10 ensures that. Everyone has their own pet calibre and can argue its effectiveness.

The larger calibres like 30s and 7mm's dominate as their holes are easier to see in the target but there are plenty of others shooting 6mm, 6.5, 270 and 338s.


The target consists of a rich yellow thick paper with red printing. Approx overall card size is 24" x 16" (60x41cm) with the scoring area being 8-1/2" (21.5cm) in diameter and the 10 ring of 1-3/4" (4.5cm).

A unique V shape is printed under the scoring area as an aiming aid. See photos.

Brisbane 500m Patch/Logo

Brisbane 500m Target

Where's that FLY

Benchrest Fly Shoot Rule Book -

Team Brisbane